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ECI 146, Water Resources Simulation. winter quarter (almost annually). Link to web page (with useful links to other interesting web sites). Lecture—3 hours; discussion—1 hour. Prerequisite: Engineering 103; ECI 115, ECI 141, 142 recommended. Computer simulation techniques in the analysis, design and operation of surface water systems; modeling concepts and practices with application to surface runoff; water quality in rivers and streams and dispersion of contaminants in water bodies.

ECI 141, Engineering Hydraulics, and ECI 141L (Laboratory). Link to web page (with useful links to other interesting web sites). Laboratory—3 hours. Prerequisite: ECI 103. Flow in pipes, open channels; uniform flow; backwater curves; hydraulic jumps; lift and drag; turbomachinery; similarity laws. Laboratory experiments and demonstrations on flow measurement, sluice gates, hydraulic jump, flow characteristics, and centrifugal pumps.
ECI 289B, Urban Hydraulics and Hydrology. spring 2004/05/07/09/10. Lecture—4 hours. Prerequisite: ECI 141. Focuses on the theory and modeling of phenomena of a hydraulic/hydrologic nature usually observed in large cities. It covers the latest scientific developments in the mechanics of liquid flow in pipes and open channels with an emphasis on city infrastructure.
ECI 279, Advanced Fluid Mechanics. fall, on alternate years. Lecture—4 hours. Prerequisite: Engineering 103; ECI 141 recommended. Rotational flows. Navier-Stokes equations and solutions for laminar flow; boundary layer equations and solution techniques. Nature of turbulence. Reynolds equations. Introduction to turbulence modeling.
ECI 278, Hydrodynamics (Geophysical Fluid Dynamics). fall, on alternate years. Lecture—3 hours. Prerequisite: Engineering 103. Perturbation methods. Basic water waves. Governing equations for fluid motion on a rotating Earth. Rotation effects, vorticity dynamics, Ekman layer. Stratification effects, internal waves and turbulent mixing. Combined effects.
ECI 260, Sediment transport. Taught one time as a regular course. Lecture—4 hours. Prerequisite: course 141 or equivalent. Sediment transport in hydrologic systems. Process-oriented course which emphasizes how sediment moves and the physical processes that affect sediment transport.
Freshman Seminar: Computer Simulation in Civil Engineering. (almost every fall), in collaboration with Profs YueYue Fan and Amit M. Kanvinde.

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